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Keyworth Parish Council

Serving the village of Keyworth


Clerk: Debbie Cooke
Village Hall, Elm Avenue
Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5AN

Tel: 0115 937 2185

Changes at Bunny Lane Car Park

Rushcliffe Borough Council will be introducing changes at Bunny Lane car park with effect from 1st July.

Click here for details.

'No' vote won't mean no more housing

There appears to be some confusion regarding the forthcoming referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan (see below). I have been contacted by a number of people who are under the impression that it is just about housing and, if they vote 'No', it will mean no additional housing in Keyworth. This is not the case. The housing is coming whether we want it or not. The Neighbourhood Plan, amongst other things, sets out, after much consultation, the type and location of housing that the people of Keyworth would like to see.

A vote against the plan would mean no local input into future housing. As I have said before, the plan may not be perfect, but it is certainly better than no plan at all. Keyworth Parish Council urges people to vote in favour of the plan on the 30th May.

Cllr Tony Grice, Parish Council Chair

YOUR village: YOUR say on 30th May

On 30th May, residents will have their chance to vote in a referendum on the future development of Keyworth.

The Keyworth Neighbourhood Plan has been developed by the Parish Council after considerable consultation with local people, businesses, voluntary groups and developers. Following amendments and approval by Rushcliffe Borough Council and an independent examiner, Keyworth Parish Council approved the plan on 9th April at an extraordinary Parish Council meeting. The plan sets out how we want Keyworth to grow and improve over the next ten years, and we urge residents to vote in favour of it. You may not think it perfect, but it is better to have a plan than not. With no plan in place, developers may seek planning permission without any reference to local opinion.

Whilst it is not possible to accommodate every wish, the plan seeks to inform planning decisions, and we will seek funding from the new housing to be built in the village to pay for improvements, so everyone can benefit. There are eight key objectives, which aim to guide how development should happen and ensure protection of existing assets and valued areas of the village:

  1. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Protect existing businesses, encourage high-skilled entrepreneurs.
  2. COMMUNITY FACILITIES: Retain and improve existing services and facilities, building our role as a rural 'hub'.
  3. LEISURE AND RECREATION: Improve the number of recreation and leisure facilities and their quality; improve access to the countryside for all.
  4. SHOPS AND RETAIL: Retain, improve and promote local shops – and encourage new retail development.
  5. TRANSPORT AND ACCESS: Encourage new walking and cycling routes, plus road improvements to key junctions.
  6. HOUSING: 450 to 480 homes to help meet Rushcliffe's housing targets up to 2028 – while creating a sensitively designed and sustainable community.
  7. ENVIRONMENT: Protect and enhance the environment and biodiversity, support community-led schemes and new development that relates well to the landscape.
  8. HERITAGE AND CONSERVATION AREA: Protect our Conservation Area and heritage through good design which reinforces Keyworth's character.

Click here to see the plan, or visit the Parish Council Office if you prefer to read a hard copy. Please vote on May 30th.

Tony Grice, Council Chairman

Dramatic win for Dramatic Society

Congratulations to Keyworth Dramatic Society, winners of the 2018 Keyworth Village Quiz. Congratulations also to the the organisers for another highly successful event.

Click here for report, photographs, etc.

Village Hall Complex - new hire charges

The Council's Finance & Risk committee has agreed increased hire charges for the Village Hall, Centenary Lounge and Feignies Room effective from 1st April 2018. These are the first increases since April 2016.

Click here for details of the revised charges.

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