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Neighbourhood Plan setback

Important notice regarding the Keyworth Neighbourhood Plan

It has been brought to the attention of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group that the Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG) has declined to make any decision on the release of green belt land for development within a Neighbourhood Plan where the allocation of sites would be ahead of the Local Authority's green belt review. In so doing, it has ignored the recommendation of the Select Committee. We knew that any building development for Keyworth would have to be on green belt and we have made numerous approaches over the past two years, together with Rushcliffe Borough Council, to the DCLG to clarify the position. Our problem is that Rushcliffe Borough Council has yet to carry out its green belt review as part of its Local Plan Part 2. At this point, therefore, we are legally unable to allocate sites, but only recommend them. The sites can be considered fully when the findings of the Rushcliffe Local Plan Part 2 are known.

The process of developing the Keyworth Neighbourhood Plan will continue, but the difference is that it will take longer than previously thought. It could be over two years before any decision can be made on the release of green belt land around Keyworth. We are as sorry and frustrated about this as we know you will be too. Click here for previous Neighbourhood Plan items.

Fencing for Rectory field

No access to turning circle

Over the last few years, the Parish Council and local residents have had noise and nuisance problems during afternoons, late evening and early hours at the turning circle on the Rectory field near the Centenary Lounge; the Police have attended numerous times, but the problem still persists; it has been so bad that one of the local residents felt the need to move away. We have also had problems with people driving cars on the field, churning up the grass.

In an effort to solve these incidents of anti-social behaviour, the Parish Council has decided to erect discreet fencing all along the Elm Avenue side of the Rectory field, ending just short of the turning circle; a locked barrier gate will then prevent access to the turning circle. Users of the Village Hall complex will still be able to turn vehicles using the original turning point at the side of the Centenary Lounge.

Note: the fencing would incorporate sections which could be removed when necessary, e.g. for the Keyworth Show.

Tony Grice, Parish Council Chairman

Police liaison meetings - anything you want us to raise?

Parish Councillors meet with the local beat officer every month or so, to discuss crime trends and policing issues affecting Keyworth. If there are any issues you would like raised at these meetings, please feel free to email us...your emails will be passed on to the relevant Councillors, and discussed at the next meeting. If you would like someone to contact you with feedback from the meeting, please make that clear in your email. Click here for more about local policing. N.B. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss policing issues in general. Individual crimes should always be reported to the police in the first instance, through the normal channels (click here for details).

Village Quiz - Keyworth Allotments prevail in nail biting final

The 40th Keyworth Quiz ended after seven weeks, twenty-seven matches and over 1500 questions, with Keyworth Allotments beating Keyworth Primary and Nursery School in the first ever final to go to play-off questions and a sudden death final question. Click here for further details. Congratulations to the allotments team, and also to the organisers for once again making this annual event such a resounding success.

Village Hall - revised hire charges for 2015/16

The Council's Facilities committee has agreed revised hire charges for the Village Hall complex with effect from 1st April 2015. Click here to see the current and revised tariffs.

Want to know more about the Village Hall?

Want to hire the Village Hall, Centenary Lounge of Feignies Room?

Click here for hire charges and other information.

Click here for photographs of the premises.

Defibrillator in Village Hall

A defibrillator, donated by East Midlands Ambulance Service, can be found in the Village Hall foyer. If hiring the premises, please make sure that you know where it is, and how it should be used in case of emergency. If hiring the Centenary Lounge, please make sure that you know how to access to the defibrillator via the connecting doors. Click here for further details.

Keyworth Advice Centre

Tuesday afternoons in the Feignies Room. Click here for details.

Keyworth Conservation Area Census

Can you assist with a survey about our heritage? If so, the Conservation Area Advisory Group would be interested to hear from you.

Click here for further details.

County & Borough Councils join forces at Centenary Lounge on Friday mornings

Nottinghamshire County Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council have joined forces with a Customer Service Point in the Centenary Lounge at the Village Hall (Fridays from 9am to 1pm).

Please come along and have a word with the Councils' representatives if there's anything you need to discuss, including:

Activity park - funding setback

We understand that the Village Plan Group's bid for funding for an activity park on the Rectory field has been turned down. We understand that the Group is exploring other avenues, and we wish it well in its endeavours. Turn to Page 2 for background items.

Previous items

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