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Elm Avenue/Rectory Field Sports Facilities – the way forward

The following sports facilities on and around Elm Avenue are owned freehold by the Parish Council: Rectory field, pavilion and changing rooms; tennis courts and clubhouse; bowling green and clubhouse. Prior to 2013, these facilities were leased to, and managed by, the Keyworth Playing Fields Association (KPFA) which, up to that point, received an annual maintenance grant from the Parish Council. The KPFA surrendered the lease in 2013 and, at around the same time, the Rectory field, pavilion and changing rooms ceased to be used for cricket or football.

Since then, the tennis and bowls facilities have been managed by Keyworth Tennis Club and Keyworth Bowls Club respectively, the clubs increasing their contributions towards maintenance costs year by year, and the Parish Council has offered to lease the relevant land and buildings to the clubs. In addition to giving the clubs security of tenure, this could also make it easier for them to obtain grants for the future development of the facilities, further reducing any financial reliance on the Parish Council. The Tennis Club has accepted the offer and a lease is ready for signature. The Bowls Club has declined the offer, and the Parish Council is considering alternative ways of formalising its relationship with the club.

The Rectory field pavilion is now almost exclusively used by Keyworth Table Tennis Club, which pays the overheads, and the Council has agreed in principle to the club's request for a lease, although this will be subject to further negotiation. The club has already indicated that it would be agreeable to the pavilion continuing to be used in connection with the Keyworth Show, and also by Abundance Keyworth for storage.

The overall effect of what's happened so far regarding the above-mentioned facilities has been that, with increasing financial input from the clubs, there has been a corresponding reduction in costs incurred by the Parish Council and, ultimately, the council tax payers of Keyworth.

As regards the changing rooms - no longer used for their original purpose - the Council has been approached by 1st Keyworth Scouts who wish to lease the premises and convert them into a shooting range at their own expense, as outlined in their letter in the May edition of the Keyworth News. The Council is, however, mindful that other groups might have alternative ideas and would be interested to hear from any such groups if they are able to present a sound business case for their proposals.

The Council will be giving further consideration to all of the above at its meeting in September and, in the meantime, anyone wishing to comment should do so in writing by 31st August at the latest. We cannot guarantee to respond to individual letters or emails, but please rest assured that all comments received will be taken into account.

Neighbourhood Plan - further setback

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has just been informed that we are not allowed to recommend any sites for housing development in the plan no matter what evidence or public support we have for any such sites. (You will remember that, some time ago, the Parish Council was told that we would have to plan for 450 new houses in Keyworth). This is because any sites recommended would be on green belt land. Any housing development would, however, have to be on the green belt because that is the only sort of land available on which to build 450 houses! The Parish Council was encouraged to develop a Neighbourhood Plan and, to that end, a lot of time and money has been spent developing it. We are in a Catch 22 situation where, having been encouraged to develop a plan using green belt land, we are, in actual fact, forbidden to recommend the building of houses on green belt land! We are seeking an urgent meeting with Kenneth Clarke, our MP, to raise this ridiculous situation with him, and to ask him to take it up with the government on our behalf.

Tony Grice (chairman, Keyworth Parish Council)

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Chairman re-elected

Following the recent election (see below), Cllr Tony Grice (left) was re-elected as chairman of the Parish Council at the Annual Parish Council meeting on 18th May. Cllr Liz Chmara was re-elected as vice chairman. With lots of new Councillors, the Council also reviewed its committees and working parties. Click here for details of who's on what.

New Keyworth Councillors

Following the elections on May 7th, Keyworth has several new Parish and Borough Councillors. Click here (then scroll down) to find details of the uncontested Parish Council election in the North Ward, here to find the results for the South Ward, and here for Borough Council results.

Activity park - Council sets up new working party

At the Annual Parish Council meeting on 18th May, it was agreed that: the Parish Council should henceforth act as the 'umbrella' organisation for this project; a working party, comprising Cllrs Tamsin Armour, Tom Caven-Atack, Kath Oakley, Chris Pride, Dan Sleeman and Martin Valentine, should be set up to move the project forward; and that a Sport England grant application should be submitted on the Council's behalf. Watch this space for news of further developments. For background details, turn to Page 2.

Police liaison meetings - anything you want us to raise?

Next meeting: 23rd July - 10am in the Feignies Room

Parish Councillors meet with the local beat officer every month or so, to discuss crime trends and policing issues affecting Keyworth. If there are any issues you would like raised at these meetings, please feel free to email us...your emails will be passed on to the relevant Councillors, and discussed at the next meeting. If you would like someone to contact you with feedback from the meeting, please make that clear in your email. Click here for more about local policing. N.B. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss policing issues in general. Individual crimes should always be reported to the police in the first instance, through the normal channels (click here for details).

Electoral Review of Nottinghamshire County Council

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is inviting comments on proposed new electoral arrangements for Nottinghamshire County Council. Click here for details.

Village Hall - revised hire charges for 2015/16

The Council's Facilities committee has agreed revised hire charges for the Village Hall complex with effect from 1st April 2015. Click here to see the current and revised tariffs.

Want to know more about the Village Hall?

Want to hire the Village Hall, Centenary Lounge of Feignies Room?

Click here for hire charges and other information.

Click here for photographs of the premises.

Defibrillator in Village Hall

A defibrillator, donated by East Midlands Ambulance Service, can be found in the Village Hall foyer. If hiring the premises, please make sure that you know where it is, and how it should be used in case of emergency. If hiring the Centenary Lounge, please make sure that you know how to access to the defibrillator via the connecting doors. Click here for further details.

Keyworth Advice Centre

Tuesday afternoons in the Feignies Room. Click here for details.

Keyworth Conservation Area Census

Can you assist with a survey about our heritage? If so, the Conservation Area Advisory Group would be interested to hear from you.

Click here for further details.

County & Borough Councils join forces at Centenary Lounge on Friday mornings

Nottinghamshire County Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council have joined forces with a Customer Service Point in the Centenary Lounge at the Village Hall (Fridays from 9am to 1pm).

Please come along and have a word with the Councils' representatives if there's anything you need to discuss, including:

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