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Contact the Parish Council

Call in at the office, telephone or email (details below)

Not sure which Council to contact?

Click here if you are not sure whether to contact the Borough, County or Parish Council.

Parish Council Office

Postal Address:

Village Hall, Elm Avenue, Keyworth, Nottingham, NG12 5AN

Opening Hours:

9.30am - 1pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, except:

  • Bank holidays.
  • Xmas/New Year period (closed throughout).
  • Fridays during school summer holiday period.

Telephone Numbers:

Office: 0115 9372185 (see above for opening hours)

Council Chairman (Tony Grice): 0115 8460371 (not before 8am or after 9.30pm, please)

Email addresses:

General Enquiries: office@keyworthparishcouncil.org

Bookings (Helen Bradshaw): bookings@keyworthparishcouncil.org

Clerk to the Council (Debbie Cooke): debbie@keyworthparishcouncil.org

Facilities Manager (Steve Mottishaw): steve@keyworthparishcouncil.org

Keyworth Diary (Helen Bradshaw): bookings@keyworthparishcouncil.org

Finance Officer (Neil Grocock): neil@keyworthparishcouncil.org

Council Chairman (Tony Grice): anthony.grice@ntlworld.com