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COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkit

Booster programme

The Booster programme is underway, and jabs are being offered to over 50s, people over 16 with a health condition that puts them at high risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19 and health and social care workers. From Monday 22nd November those aged 40-49 will also be eligible.

The public are eligible for a booster dose if it's been at least 6 months (182 days) since their second dose of the vaccine.

Most people will be offered a booster dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine or Moderna vaccine. This means the booster dose may be different from the vaccines a person had for their 1st and 2nd doses. Some people may be offered a booster dose of AstraZeneca vaccine if they cannot have the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccine.
Key messages to the public:
1. You can book a booster jab on the NHS website or by calling 119.
2. We would encourage the public to book without delay, there are plenty of appointments available across the city and county.
3. There are dozens of sites across the city and county offering the booster dose, please go to the NHS website to find the most convenient site for you.
If you are housebound: Those who received their first or second dose via the roving service will receive their booster jab either from a GP doing their home visit or the Roving team. This will vary depending on the practice and residents should wait to be contacted.
If a resident has recently become housebound, they will need to contact their GP surgery to register for a home visit.

To read more about the booster dose, please click here.

Vaccination sites

We have arranged for there to be sites in all our major areas of population as well as prioritising areas where we saw lower uptake in the first phase of the vaccination programme. This means that we have more than 50 sites across our City and County offering convenient locations for our entire population. We have worked closely with local Councils and other stakeholders to ensure that we have the right sites in the right locations and in proportion with the population levels but are happy to take feedback on areas where it may be that the local population would benefit from an additional site.

A map of the vaccination sites can be seen below.

For a full list of the sites, you can visit: How to get your vaccination - NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG (

First and second doses

1. All children aged 12-15: Schools are being visited in turn, with the dates of the visits confirmed about a week in advance – parents will be contacted prior to the team visiting their child's school. Parents will be asked to provide consent for their child to receive the vaccination, either through an online or a paper form.

Vaccinations for 12-15-year olds are also available at certain vaccination clinics, which are being held out of school hours. Parents can book an appointment at these clinics, which are at the Mansfield Vaccination Centre, King's Mill Hospital Vaccination Hub or the Forest Recreation Ground Vaccination Centre. Parents or guardians should attend the appointment to give their consent.
• You can book an appointment at these clinics on the NHS website.
• You can walk into the sites without an appointment during certain hours, check the site opening times on the NHS Website. Please note that there are a limited number of walk in slots available.
Further resources for eligible children and young people can be found here.

2. Those who are aged 12 – 15 and who have certain health conditions and who are therefore eligible for vaccine should have received a letter or text invite to book at either Kings Mill Hospital or Queen's Medical Centre. Please note, you can only book into these clinics if you are classed as clinically vulnerable or immunosuppressed. If you have not received your letter please contact your GP.

3. If you are aged 16 or over, in an at risk group, a carer or a frontline health and social care worker who has not yet had their vaccine, you can book by visiting the national booking service or by calling 119. You can also use our walk-in clinics without an appointment: Find a walk-in coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination site - NHS (
The Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI) is advising that all 16 to 17 year olds who are not in an at-risk group should be offered a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The second vaccine dose should be given 12 weeks or more following the first vaccine dose.
Please note it will become mandatory for frontline NHS staff in England to be fully vaccinated against COVID by spring 2022.

4. Third dose for individuals with immunosuppression. The Government has announced that people who are immunosuppressed should have a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine – this is not a booster, but a third dose to ensure that such people receive the same protection given by two doses for those with normal immune systems.
Letters are being sent from specialist teams at the hospitals to invite those eligible to receive their vaccine. People who are eligible can then walk into any of our vaccination sites with their eligibility letter to receive this third dose. These include: King's Mill Hospital, Mansfield Vaccination Centre, Forest Recreation Ground.
Please note, you will still need to receive a booster dose six months from the date of your third primary course dose. To read more, click here. Please use the GrabAJab website to find site opening times.

Stay up to date with the COVID-19 vaccines

To read about the COVID-19 vaccinations including guidance on allergies and for those who are of childbearing age, pregnant or breastfeeding, visit this NHS website.

COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy:
A virtual webinar is being arranged for pregnant women around vaccinations (including breastfeeding and fertility) on Thursday 25th November, 2021 at 1pm. To register for this webinar via Zoom, please click here:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. If you have any questions or any specific access requirements to participate in these meetings, please email at your earliest convenience.

Kindly note that this session will be recorded and shared widely following the event. The session will also be streamed live on the CCG YouTube Channel.

If you are unable to attend the session or if you would like to submit any questions for the panellists to answer during the session, then please email:

Frequently Asked Questions and pre-recorded videos of previous Q+A sessions on vaccination and pregnancy, breastfeeding and fertility can be found on the CCG website.

Resources are available to encourage uptake of the vaccine for those who are pregnant including a poster to address concerns and an information sheet and decision aid.

What happens on the day?

When you arrive at the site to be vaccinated, you will be asked to clean your hands with sanitiser. You will be provided with a new face mask and asked to wear it during your visit. Social distancing will also be in place.
Questions will be asked about your medical history and it is important that you inform staff if you are pregnant or if you have ever had a severe allergic reaction in the past.

The vaccine will be given as an injection into your upper arm by a trained professional and you may be asked to wait for 15 minutes after having your vaccination.
You will be given a record card. Keep this safe.
According to Government guidelines, you should not attend a vaccine appointment:
• if you are self-isolating
• if you are waiting for a COVID-19 test
• or within 4 weeks of having a positive COVID-19 test.

More information on what happens at your appointment can be accessed here: What happens at your appointment - NHS (

What happens after receiving your vaccination?

Plan to attend your second appointment if you have not already.

It is important you receive both doses of the COVID-19 vaccination. The 1st dose should give you some protection from 3 or 4 weeks after you've had it. But you need 2 doses for stronger and longer-lasting protection.

If you are aged 18 and over and have had your first dose 56 days (8 weeks) ago, you can walk in to our sites for your second dose without an appointment. Find your nearest sites on

Information has been produced to inform you of what you can expect following your vaccination including the next steps after your first vaccine, potential side effects and information on the protection received from the vaccination. You can access this information on the Government website.

Progress across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Latest figures (8 December – 7 November) show in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire 1,442,457 first and second dose vaccines have been administered. This means that 81.9 per cent of over 18s have now received 2 doses.
• 59.1 per cent of 18-29-year-olds have had two doses.
• 88.7 per cent of those aged 30 and over have had two doses.
• 33 per cent of 12-15-year-olds in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire have had one dose of the vaccine.
You can access the latest local and national vaccination statistics on this NHS website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Visit our website for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with further information.

Accessible Information

Information on the COVID-19 vaccination and the booking process can be accessed on our CCG website in various languages.

Translated leaflets are available for the guide for adults on the COVID-19 vaccination, the guide for all women of childbearing age, pregnant or breastfeeding, a guide for eligible children and what to expect after a vaccination.
Information in British Sign Language (BSL) can also be accessed here.

Information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine can be accessed in an easy to read format in different languages. An easy read guide for at risk children and young people can be accessed on the Government website.

Easy read information can be accessed on:
What is Coronavirus
Who can catch Coronavirus
Who can get very poorly
What is the vaccine
Risks of not having the vaccine
Having the vaccine
After the vaccine

Down's Syndrome Association have produced an easy read guide on the COVID-19 vaccinations.

A collection of videos are available on the COVID-19 vaccine in Gujarati, Sylheti, Tamil, Urdu and Punjabi. A further collection of videos on the COVID-19 vaccine is available in multiple languages here.

A collection of videos have also been produced in multiple languages discussing the importance of COVID-19 vaccinations and diabetes.

Watch this video of Amarjit explaining in Punjabi why she has received the COVID-19 vaccination in Nottingham.

Watch this video of Dr Nighat Arif explain what to expect when going for your COVID vaccine in Urdu and Punjabi.

How to get a COVID-19 test?

About 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 do not have symptoms but can still infect others.

You should do a rapid test twice a week (every 3 to 4 days) to check if you have the virus. If people test positive and self-isolate, it helps stop the virus spreading.

Even if you're vaccinated, there's still a chance you can pass COVID-19 on, so you should keep getting tested regularly.

Information about rapid lateral flow tests and how to access these can be found on the NHS LFD testing website

Information about local test sites can be accessed on the Nottingham City Council website and Nottinghamshire County Council website.

Your COVID Recovery

How long it takes to recover from COVID-19 is different for everybody. Many people feel better in a few days or weeks and most will make a full recovery within 12 weeks. But for some people, symptoms can last longer. This is known as Post-COVID syndrome or long COVID and can affect your physical and mental health.

Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccination is especially important this year because:
• more people are likely to get flu this winter as fewer people will have built up natural immunity to it during the COVID-19 pandemic
• if you get flu and COVID-19 at the same time, research shows you're more likely to be seriously ill
• getting vaccinated against flu will provide protection for you and those around you
If you've had COVID-19, it's safe to have the flu vaccine. It will still be effective at helping to prevent flu.

Due to COVID-19 it is more important than ever before that vulnerable groups receive the flu vaccine to make sure they are protected and reduce winter pressures on the NHS.
People eligible for the vaccine include those who:
• are 50 and over (including those who'll be 50 by 31 March 2022)
• have certain health conditions
• are pregnant
• are in long-stay residential care
• receive a carer's allowance, or are the main carer for an older or disabled person who may be at risk if you get sick
• live with someone who is more likely to get infections (such as someone who has HIV, has had a transplant or is having certain treatments for cancer, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis)
• frontline health or social care workers
You can have the NHS flu vaccine at:
• your GP surgery
• a pharmacy offering the service – find one here: Find a pharmacy that offers the NHS flu vaccine - NHS (
• your midwifery service if you're pregnant
• a hospital appointment
If you're eligible for the flu vaccine on the NHS, you'll be offered one that's most effective for you, depending on your age:
- Children's nasal spray vaccine
- adults aged 18 to 64
- adults aged 65 and over
The nasal spray vaccine contains small traces of pork gelatine. Parents can opt for their child to have their vaccination as an injection rather than a nasal spray. The flu injection does not contain porcine gelatine (pork). More details on how this can be requested can be found in this Nottinghamshire County letter or Nottingham City letter. This information is also available in other languages via video here.

Other key resources

The British Islamic Medical Association position on the COVID-19 vaccinations
After consulting with experts, the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) has recommended the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and the Moderna vaccine for eligible individuals in the Muslim community for protection against COVID-19 when used according to MHRA authorisation. Read their full statements on the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca and the COVID-19 vaccine Moderna.

BIMA have also addressed some of the myths around the COVID-19 vaccine. You can read more on about this on the British Islamic Medical Association website.

CCG Engagement Bulletin
NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG Engagement Team produce a monthly COVID-19 Summary Bulletin. A copy of the November version of the bulletin can be accessed here which covers information on COVID-19, engagement opportunities and Placed Based Partnership Updates. To sign up to this COVID-19 Summary Bulletin, please email

Further enquiries
The CCG is working closely with the local councils during the pandemic. The County Council are supporting us with managing requests for information and assistance related to the vaccine rollout so if you have any questions that are not answered by the information here please contact or call 0300 500 80 80.

Preloved Clothing Sale

A preloved clothing sale to raise funds for a new Keyworth Community Garden is being held at Keyworth Village Hall on Tuesday 23 November 6:30-9:30pm.

Entry is just £5, and includes a glass of wine or a hot drink and nibbles. If you have clothing to sell, a table will cost just £10.

Contact for further information.

Peace Garden

We are thrilled to report that the long-awaited Peace Garden on the Rectory Field, has been completed. The idea for the Peace Garden originally came from Keyworth Parish Council, with early involvement of the Royal British Legion. Completion was aimed to coincide with a weekend in 2014, to include celebration of the rebuilding and rededication of the Memorial Gates and centenary celebrations commemorating the start WW1. Although the Peace Garden project didn't happen as planned, a small KPC working group and the Village Plan Environment Group took the idea forwards.

The design has been through several iterations, and we are absolutely delighted with the final layout. The garden has three benches, commemorating the two World Wars and those who gave their lives. The final design was developed in conjunction with Keyworth Environment Group, Keyworth Parochial Church Council, Keyworth Gardening Association, Keyworth Conservation Area Advisory Group and Keyworth Parish Council, by local company Branch & Bloom, who brought the plan to life. The project was funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and Keyworth Parish Council.

This project was conceived, designed, and built by locals, for locals. It brings colour, warmth, and a place for peaceful reflection to the corner of the Rectory Field, nearest to the Memorial Gates. We hope it will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Please see the below links for the latest Town and Parish update:


Keyworth Parish Council welcomes our newest councillor, Michael Moncrieff, who only recently moved to Keyworth. Michael has worked in local government for 12 years, and we are sure this experience will be a great asset to the council and to the community. Welcome Michael!

Death of former councillor

The Parish Council is sad to announce the death of Derek Oakley on 15th September 2021.

Derek served on the Parish Council both as a Councillor and as Chair.

One of his many achievements was the creation of the Keyworth Quiz, a village tradition that continues to this day.

He is best known for running Derek's tours, which many of you will have enjoyed on trips out.

Rest in peace Derek

Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

Keyworth Parish Council supports the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

Notts Grab a Jab!

Walk-in appointments are available.

First jabs for everyone aged 18+.

Second doses are available 8 weeks after the first one.

Pfizer is available at all sites.

No appointments necessary.

You can also book an appointment by calling 119 or visiting

Keyworth Skatepark Extension Fundraising

Be part of the future of the Skatepark!

The parish council, along with users of the Skatepark, is raising funds to extend the existing Skatepark on Platt Lane.

Postcards of these iconic images of the Skatepark from the noughties are available from the parish council office, Elm Lane, at £1.

You can also donate at JustGiving:


Nottingham Law Centre launches awareness campaign as time is running out for EU Settlement Scheme applications.

An urgent new campaign aimed at contacting Nottinghamshire's more vulnerable, hard-to-reach EU citizens is being coordinated by Nottingham Law Centre. The aim is to make sure that everyone eligible to apply to the government's EU Settlement Scheme knows they need to act fast before the 30 June deadline.

The Nottingham charity's word-of-mouth campaign, 'Must tell my Neighbour' #EUTellThem is asking residents across the city and county to speak to a neighbour, a friend or family member who is either an EU, EEA (includes Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or Swiss citizen, and encourage them to call the Nottingham Law Centre about the EU Settlement Scheme if they haven't already applied and need help.

'Must tell my neighbour' #EUTellThem is encouraging everyone to share a photo of themselves on social media holding the #EUTellThem sign. It is also the theme of a 40" video created from user-generated content and designed to be shared on all social media channels. The clip goes live from 14th June when radio, TV and news and social media coverage across Nottinghamshire will reinforce the message. The campaign already has the support of the Nottingham Trussell Trust Foodbanks, and Grace Church who are helping with the video production.

Sally Denton, a senior lawyer at Nottingham Law Centre says: "We need as many people as possible to spread the word that time is running out to complete the EUSS documents and submit them to the Home Office. Our message is simple: 'get in touch with us if you want to protect your rights and benefits, and remain in the UK.' The service is free of charge to anyone who, for whatever reason, will find going through the application process confusing or technically challenging. Perhaps they don't have access to a computer or an iPhone; they may struggle to understand the language or process or be a bit wary of official forms and afraid of making a mistake.

"Some people will have lived in the UK for many years, or they may be homeless or in care, and don't know that it is now the law to apply to remain here. At the Nottingham Law Centre, we can go through the paperwork with them, but they do need to call now and fix an appointment with one of our solicitors."

According to the Home Office, over 5.4m EU applications have been received since the Scheme launched in 2019, but concerns remain over vulnerable citizens who do not apply. Nottingham Law Centre is one of a network of national organisations funded to advise and support the most vulnerable individuals and families to comply with the legislation introduced following the UK's departure from the European Union on 31 December 2020.

The Home Office has increased its promotional messages to ensure everyone who needs to will comply with the law. The nationwide media campaign will help the Nottingham Law Centre's work in contacting the hard-to-reach. A typical social media post reads:

'Do you know an elderly or vulnerable EU, EEA or Swiss citizen who was living in the UK before 31 Dec 2020? They need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme by 30 Jun 2021 to protect their rights and benefits'.

Anyone concerned about how to meet the EU Settlement Scheme requirements by 30 June can call Nottingham Law Centre on 0115 978 7813.

Patient Participation Group May Newsletter

COVID Vaccinations - Age 30 and Over

1. Those who are aged 30 and over are now eligible for vaccination. Please book your appointment by visiting the National Booking Service click here or by calling 119.

2. Those who have been previously invited for a vaccination are still eligible. If you are aged 40 or over, in an at risk group, a carer or a frontline health and social worker and have not yet had your first COVID-19 vaccination dose, you can drop-in to receive your vaccination at select vaccination sites without pre-booking an appointment.

3. The mobile vaccination bus is offering the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible people in Nottingham City over this week and next. Drop-in to receive your vaccination via the bus without pre-booking. The Pfizer vaccine will be available during these weeks via the bus for those who are eligible.

4. Second dose appointments are being rescheduled for some people. Please wait to be contacted by the NHS.

5. After having your first or second vaccinations, it is important that you continue to follow advice on 'Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air' and adhere to all other restrictions to help control the virus and save lives.

Stay up to date with the COVID-19 vaccines

To read about the COVID-19 vaccinations including guidance on allergies and for those who are of childbearing age, pregnant or breastfeeding, visit this NHS website click here.

Notice of Vacancy in Office of Councillor

Keyworth Skatepark Extension – Help Move The Project Forward!

It's time to revitalise and extend the existing skatepark facility at Platt Lane, Keyworth, Nottinghamshire.

The skatepark user community has teamed up with the Parish Council to raise funds towards a skatepark extension which will be designed by the local users in consultation with the successful contractor.

The aim is to revitalise the skatepark to suit the needs of the local skatepark users, whilst taking into account a range of ages, abilities and wheels, for example scooters, skateboards, wheelchair motocross WCMX, inline skaters and BMX.

Keyworth Parish Council has secured £40,000 of funding and needs to raise the remaining £40,000.

We now have a JustGiving page and encourage you to donate towards this wonderful facility – every little helps!

For potential contractors out there, please visit the government's contracts finder website for more details or contact the office using The closing dates for tender applications is 30th June 2021, the contract start date is 1st August 2021 and the contract end date is 31 March 2022. We look forward to hearing from you!

Parish Council Chair Signs Armed Forces Covenant

Cllr Tamsin Armour, Chair of Keyworth Parish Council, has signed the Armed Forces Covenant on behalf of the council.

The Covenant pledges to support the Armed Forces community, recognising the value, contribution and often sacrifices, serving personnel, both regular and reservists, veterans and military families have made, and continue to make, to our business and our country. We commit to supporting them in return.

Read the full text of the covenant here

Keyworth Advice Centre is now open

Keyworth Advice Centre is open once again to help you if you need advice.
Please pop along on a Tuesday to the Feignies Room at the Village Hall, remembering to bring your mask as social distancing rules will still apply.
We are open between 1-4pm each Tuesday.


  • Businesses can now access further financial support from the government in the form of the Restart Grant and the Additional Restrictions Grant, these can be applied for on the Rushcliffe Borough Council website under the Covid-19 Business Support section.
  • Further grant funding is available to high street businesses in the form of the Digital Recovery Grant, which is a match funded grant of up to £1000 to help businesses improve their online / digital offer, eligibility criteria and the application form can be found on the Funding for Business page on the website.
  • For hospitality businesses, we have produced a guide and checklist of key actions ahead of reopening, this can also be found on the Covid-19 Business Support section. Under the section titled helping your hospitality business reopen safely.
  • Rushcliffe Business Partnership holds regular virtual networking events on Zoom, to allow Rushcliffe businesses to connect and share advice as well as ask questions to fellow businesses and the Council. These along with lots more support webinars and workshops can be found on the Rushcliffe Business Partnership website, under events. There is also signposted support and resources on the website.
  • Free recordings of workshops with marketing and high street experts on reopening safely, how to advertise on social media, shopper experience, creating a post-lockdown marketing plan and lots more, these can be accessed by emailing with your business name and address.
  • Businesses can speak with a free, dedicated business adviser for help and support by contacting the D2N2 Growth Hub or calling on 0333 006 9178
  • For any questions about reopening or further support you need, please don't hesitate to contact us on


Keyworth Parish Council has once again arranged for hanging baskets to brighten Keyworth Square and shops and businesses around the village.

Every year, the Parish Council provides fully planted hanging baskets to shops and businesses in Keyworth. The baskets are watered and maintained throughout the season by a contractor.

With many shops shut or struggling this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Parish Council has agreed to meet all costs for the baskets in the Square this year and to waive the usual contribution from the businesses, wishing to support them at this exceptionally difficult time. We hope you agree we all need the little happiness these flowers bring now more than ever.

The income normally received in contributions from businesses will be offset this year by a family of volunteers, who wish to remain anonymous, who will water the barrier baskets in the Square instead of the usual contractor. This will save a substantial amount of money for the Parish Council and make it possible to provide hanging baskets to shops without the usual contribution from businesses.

The council will review the provision of hanging baskets for next year.


Following the installation of a charging station for electric cars in Bunny Lane car park, more charging stations will soon be appearing elsewhere in Keyworth. Between Monday 29 March and 6 April, preparations were made for additional chargers to be installed in Church Drive car park. We are still awaiting a final installation date but once completed, there will be 8 bays with EVC access – 4 of these will be dedicated for EV use and 4 for mixed use.

This fast-charging site works in sync with the rapid site at the Bunny Lane car park, so there will soon be a range of charging options in Keyworth depending on need.


A new defibrillator for Keyworth has been installed in the K6 telephone box outside the Pear Tree public house on Nottingham Road.

This is in addition to the defibrillators inside the Village Hall and in the telephone box near the Square. All our defibrillators are free to use by anyone who needs one. But if you do ever need to use one, please remember…


Defibrillators are stored inside a locked cabinet. You will need to call 999 to get an unlock code before you can use it.

Pharmacy Closure

Closure Notice

Keyworth Healthcare Services trading as KMP PHARMACY regret to announce the Pharmacy closure with effect from 30th April 2021

Despite the best efforts of the Directors to provide a service to patients in the evenings, at weekends and Bank Holidays, this has not proved to be financially viable. This has not been helped by the current Covid situation and lack of support from the Government. This has had a severe impact on the business (This has not been a cost borne by the NHS).

Village Health Group and its Dispensary is unaffected by this change. Patients living in the following villages can still collect their prescriptions form the surgery.

The Dispensary will be open Monday to Friday 8am until 6.30pm

* Tollerton

* Hoton

*Stanton on the Wolds



*Thorpe in the glebe


*Nether Broughton

*Upper Broughton

*Burton on the Wolds

*Normanton on the Wolds


*Clipston on the Wolds

*Willoughby on the Wolds






*Hickling Pastures



I am registered with KMP Pharmacy for my prescriptions. How does this affect me?

Patients living in Keyworth or within 1 mile radius of a pharmacy will need to sign up with another pharmacy of their choice.

If you have any queries please speak to a member of the pharmacy team.

Thank you to all those patients who have supported our efforts over the last few years.

Keyworth Healthcare Services Ltd.

Notice of Election

Please see the PDF documents for The Notice of Election for both the Police and Crime Commissioners election and the Nottinghamshire County Council election which are both due to be held on 6 May 2021.

Keyworth Annual Parish Meeting 2021

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles (EV) owners can now top up on the go, thanks to a new charging point installed by Rushcliffe Borough Council at the Bunny Lane Car Park in Keyworth on the 17th of February 2021.

The new BP Pulse charging point enables EV and hybrid users to quickly charge their vehicles whist they shop. Anyone can utilise the new facility, including D2N2 or Charge Your Car cardholders, users of the Charge Your Car App, BP Pulse members and guests. The machine also accepts contactless payments to help support efficient top ups.

Rushcliffe Borough Council Deputy Leader Cllr Andy Edyvean said: "We're thrilled to bring public electric charging points to Keyworth and provide the village and surrounding areas with the technology needed to support more environmentally-friendly journeys across our Borough.

"From experience, I know that electric and hybrid vehicles offer a whole host of benefits for the driver, their community and our environment. This infrastructure will help support further residents in making the switch to greener transport."

More electric charging points are planned across the Borough, to help expand on the existing network that already includes facilities at Rushcliffe Arena in West Bridgford, and to help further encourage sustainable travel for drivers.

Councillor John Cottee, Borough Councillor for Keyworth and Wolds said: "It's fantastic to see these developments taking place that will truly enhance the lives of local people and provide nearby residents with further support for sustainable travel.

"I look forward to seeing this new facility used by busy shoppers, visitors and members of our community taking a trip to Keyworth in the months and years ahead."

Phone box refurbished

The K6 telephone box outside the Pear Tree public house has now been refurbished by Alan, the Parish Council's handyman. We are sure you will agree it looks very smart and brightens up this corner of the village.

The defibrillator is due to be installed during March. This will be in addition to defibrillators inside the Village Hall and in the telephone box near the Square.

It will, of course, be free to use by anyone who needs it but if you do ever need it, please remember…


Defibrillators are inside a locked cabinet. You will need to call 999 to get an unlock code before you can use it.

Village Hall refurbished

We are pleased to announce that the Village Hall has been freshly painted and the floor refurbished. As restrictions are lifted, we look forward to welcoming hirers back to use this versatile space.

The bar and kitchen are also available to hire, should you need this facility.

All hire fees have been frozen at 2020-21 rates for 2021-22.

COVID Vaccinations

The vaccination programme is in full swing with the 'JCVI Cohort 6' now able to book their vaccinations.

This includes:

- Anyone between the ages of 16 to 65 with underlying health conditions which put them at a higher risk of serious disease or mortality. This is also known as "clinically vulnerable."

- Anyone who is in receipt of carer's allowance.

- Anyone who is the main carer of an elderly or disabled person, whose welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill.

Parish Councillor Tony Grice had his vaccination recently and said: "The vaccination centre was quick and efficient. The vaccination itself was painless although my arm was a little sore the next day. It has given me peace of mind. I feel I am doing my bit towards the national vaccination effort which will eventually lead to us getting back to our normal lives. I would urge anyone else to do the same."

If you are eligible under one of the above categories, you can book your Covid-19 vaccination appointment by visiting this booking link:

or call the local booking line on 0115 883 4640 between 8am – 8pm during weekdays and 9am – 5pm on weekends.

Census Day

Everyone will benefit from Census 2021

Households across Keyworth will be asked to take part in Census 2021 this spring.

The census, run by the Office for National Statistics, is a once-in-a-decade survey that gives us the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales. It has been carried out every ten years since 1801, with the exception of 1941.

Rushcliffe resident, Leia Morales is the Community Engagement Manager for Rushcliffe and has been working with Rushcliffe Borough Council as well as Community groups and charities across South Nottinghamshire to raise awareness of the census.

She says, "Understanding the needs of the nation helps everyone from central government to organisations, such as councils and health authorities, plan and fund public services across England and Wales. Census outputs inform where billions of pounds of public funding is spent on services like transport, education and health – on cycle routes, schools and dental surgeries. "

Charities and voluntary organisations often use it as evidence to get funding. It helps businesses to understand their customers and, for example, decide where to open new shops. Plus, those doing research, like university students and people looking into their family history, use census data. It provides important information on population diversity, allowing organisations to know whether they are meeting their responsibilities and triggering action where necessary.

Census 2021 will be the first run predominantly online, with households receiving a letter with a unique access code, allowing them to complete the questionnaire on their computers, phones or tablets.

"The census provides a unique snapshot of our communities," Iain Bell, deputy national statistician at ONS, said. "It benefits everyone. Based on the information you give, it ensures millions of pounds are invested in emergency services, mental health care, school places, hospital beds, houses, roads, GP's and dentist's services.

"No-one should miss out. Everyone can complete online with a new search-as-you-type ability and paper forms for those who need them."

Census day will be on March 21, but households will soon receive letters with online codes explaining how they can take part. The census will include questions about your sex, age, work, health, education, household size and ethnicity. And, for the first time, there will be a question asking people whether they have served in the armed forces, as well as voluntary questions for those aged 16 and over on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Results will be available within 12 months, although personal records will be locked away for 100 years, kept safe for future generations.

For more information and advice on how to answer the questions, visit

Leia Morales | Census Engagement Manager Rushcliffe, Gedling and Broxtowe | Office for National Statistics | +44 (0)7452 938655 | |

Keep in touch:

  • Register for email updates about Census 2021 and/or other areas of ONS
  • Access census information for community partners and local authorities
  • Follow @Census2021 on Twitter and Facebook

Wysall Lane Burial Ground

Please be aware that all Christmas wreaths placed at Wysall Lane Burial Ground will start to be removed from burial and cremation plots during the month of March. If you would like to keep them, please make sure they are removed before the end of February.

New Defibrillator

The Parish Council has arranged for an extra defibrillator to be installed in the village. It will go in the K6 telephone box outside the Pear Tree public house. This will be in addition to defibrillators inside the Village Hall and in the telephone box near the Square.

The telephone box is currently being cleaned and painted by Alan, the Parish Council's handyman. Once ready, we are hoping the defibrillator will be ready to use before the end of March. It will, of course, be free to use by anyone who needs it but if you do ever need it, please remember…


Defibrillators are inside a locked cabinet. You will need to call 999 to get an unlock code before you can use it.


Keyworth Parish Council would like to welcome the newest edition to our wonderful staff who enable us to do all we do. With over fifteen years administration experience, it should be no surprise that Michelle Law has already settled in as our new clerical officer. Michelle lives with her family in Tollerton, and volunteers for her local school PTA and Scouts in her spare time. Although these are very strange times to begin working for the Council, she has really hit the ground running. Welcome Michelle!

We would also like to welcome our newest councillor, Samantha Kaye. Samantha is a member of the Keyworth Community Projects and Friends of Willowbrook and is an assistant Beaver leader. She has been involved in the Community Christmas Lunch, the Christmas lights switch on and has organized food vouchers during COVID. We are all sure she will be a great asset to the community. Welcome Samantha!

Vaccination Update

Covid-19 vaccination programme – over 65s

We are writing to inform you that in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, we are now starting to invite the over 65s to their appointments – this is JCVI cohort five. You can see our announcement here.

How can you help?

  • Please urge relatives, members of the public, friends and family who fit into these priority cohorts to book by using or by calling 0115 883 4640. The public can also call 119 to book an appointment at the Mansfield Vaccination Centre.
  • If you are helping someone eligible to book in for their vaccination, there is guidance on the CCG website which can help. This includes helping other people to book their appointments online via SwiftQueue and tips to help eligible people prepare for their Covid-19 vaccine appointment.
  • Please continue to follow all the guidance to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

Kind regards,

NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG

Statement of Proposed Financial Activities 2021/22

Keyworth Parish Councils precept leaflet is now available for viewing, please see below to view.

Keyworth Parish Council Precept Leaflet

Vaccination update

All the local vaccination centres are now open in Nottinghamshire and booking letters are being sent out to over 70s from today. Please wait for your NHS letter before taking any action. If you receive a letter from the national booking service, you can choose to wait for a local appointment letter if this is more convenient. The graphic above explains more.

Nearly all older people's care homes have now received the vaccine and the few that haven't have been due to clinical reasons.

If you have already been vaccinated, it is still important to follow the guidance in your local area to protect those around you as we do not yet know whether the vaccine will stop people from catching and passing on the virus. You can read more about what to expect after your vaccine.

All personal assistants (PAs) who provide care and support will be entitled to the vaccine. We are currently setting up a process with the NHS to make the vaccine available for PAs and are working with our Customer Service Centre on a system for booking vaccination appointments. We will make contact with all PAs and direct payment recipients in a staged process when they are able to book appointments.

Find more information on the vaccination programmes

Concessionary travel to vaccination centres time extension

Concessionary travel pass holders can now use their pass before 9.30am for free travel to vaccine appointments. Just present your appointment letter with your card when boarding. We would however strongly recommend that appointments are made later to avoid busy times.

This applies to all buses and trams in Nottinghamshire, including Nottingham City, for anyone making an essential journey to get their vaccine. Please remember to wear a face covering when on public transport, unless you are exempt.

Read more about concessionary travel

Community (Asymptomatic) Testing

We know that up to a third of people who test positive for coronavirus have no symptoms and can therefore spread the virus without knowing. This means that testing asymptomatic people is important in helping to identify more people who may have the virus, and supporting them with self-isolation to stop the spread of the Covid-19 through our communities.

The focus is on testing people who cannot work from home - including those doing essential voluntary work - and who are unable to access asymptomatic testing through other routes, particularly those who are critical to supporting communities, responding to the pandemic or at higher risk of infection and transmission.

In the county, community testing has started in two areas of Mansfield and will begin in the Worksop area of Bassetlaw next week. Community testing is likely to be extended to other areas across Nottinghamshire in due course.

Find out more about community testing

Parking permits for NHS and care workers

In April last year, the Council launched a scheme to encourage all NHS and Key Workers to apply for a permit that exempts their vehicles from enforcement whilst they are undertaking Covid response work.

Learn more and apply for a key worker permit

Find out the COVID-19 rates in Nottinghamshire

The COVID-19 dashboard shows you the rates of coronavirus infection in each district of Nottinghamshire. The data is sourced from the Public Health England national dataset and is available for anyone to access. Please note, the data goes up to and includes 15 January.

View the Covid-19 dashboard

Keyworth Parish Council Office

Keyworth Parish Council, Village Hall, Elm Avenue, Keyworth, Nottingham, NG12 5AN
Tel: 0115 937 2185 Email:

Staff are working from home and will continue to provide normal service as far as possible. We are accepting visitors to the office by appointment only and can be contacted by letter, telephone and email.

The office will be checked daily (except Tuesday) for phone messages and post, and we are responding to emails as normal.

The facilities are available to hire with additional COVID measures in place and within current guidelines.

Pharmacies launch codeword scheme to offer ‘lifeline’ to domestic abuse victims

The government has teamed up with independent pharmacies and Boots to launch a domestic abuse Ask for ANI codeword scheme.
Victims of domestic abuse will be able to access much needed support from thousands of pharmacies across the UK, backed by the government.
The Ask for ANI scheme allows those at risk or suffering from abuse to discreetly signal that they need help and access support. By asking for ANI, a trained pharmacy worker will offer a private space where they can understand if the victim needs to speak to the police or would like help to access support services such as a national or local domestic abuse helplines.

Introducing the Keyworth Covid-19 Street Network

Need help?
Do you need help because of Covid-19/Coronavirus? There is someone in your neighbourhood ready to help you. The Keyworth Covid-19 Street Network is a comprehensive network of mutual aid coordinators and volunteers covering the entire village. We can help you with: picking up shopping, posting mail, a friendly phone call, urgent supplies. If you don't already know the name of your street coordinator, go to and browse through the support available to you.

Able to help?
The people of Keyworth have done a tremendous job supporting friends and neighbours but Covid-19 has not gone away and we need you to carry on giving support. The Keyworth Covid-19 Street Network is a comprehensive network of mutual aid coordinators and volunteers covering the entire village. If you are already part of it, Thank You! Please make sure that your street coordinator knows that you are ready and able to help. Are you now able to volunteer some time to help in your neighbourhood and not already aware of who looks after your road? Go to to volunteer!


(We do have limited capacity and will respond to your message as soon as we can.)

Congregating in the Play Park

Whilst playing on the equipment in the park, please make sure that you stay in your 'bubble' and always two metres apart when you are around other people that you do not live with to reduce the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus.
Social distancing is essential to stop the spread of the virus, as it is more likely to spread when people are close together. An infected person can pass on the virus through talking, breathing, coughing or sneezing even if they do not have any symptoms.
When with people you do not live with, you should also avoid: physical contact; being close and face-to-face; and shouting or singing close to them. You should also avoid crowded areas with lots of people; and touching things that other people have touched.

Would you like a phone buddy?

Find out more information on having a chat with somebody.
Introducing the Keyworth Parish Council Phone Buddy service...
Care for a chat? Feeling lonely? Isolated? Just fancy a chat? We are here to help!
Our 'phone buddy' service offers free social chats about anything and everything!
Ring Shelley Millband on 0115 9374811 who will help you find a phone buddy.
What a difference a chat makes!

Gymnasium and Skate Park closed

Under government COVID-19 guidelines published on 5 November 2020, outdoor gyms and skate parks must be closed. Therefore, the Keyworth Skate Park on Platt Lane and the outdoor gymnasium on the Rectory Field are closed until the guidance changes.
Thank you for your cooperation

County Council’s Severe Weather leaflet for 2020/21

Please find below the County Council's Severe Weather leaflet for 2020/21, which may be useful in helping with any queries you may have about the work Nottinghamshire County Council do during the winter months.

The leaflet not only contains information on the county's gritting efforts, but also includes information on how we deal with other adverse winter weather such as storms and flooding.

In addition to this leaflet, officers at the County Council have been working hard to ensure that details about our preparations reach the widest possible audience. A link to the most recent press release about these matters is included below:

The press release includes the following details:

  • From 1 November, gritting teams and their fleet of 30 gritters went on full-time standby across four depots, meaning they could be called out at any time, day or night.
  • For drainage teams, heavy rain, storms and flooding can lead to a spike in demand for their services, and when high winds lead to fallen trees, it is the forestry team who will be called out.
  • As for the emergency response team, their 24/7, 365 days-a-year role can be easily impacted by adverse weather and could see them dealing with anything from managing road closures, to delivering sandbags and putting out flood boards

I would like to take this opportunity to bring a number of Via EM Ltd.'s other Winter Service preparations to your attention, these include:

  • Ensuring our highway depots are fully stocked with grit; currently around 18,000 tonnes is being held at various locations around the County.
  • The County Council's gritting fleet has been fitted with updated vehicle tracking & navigation systems. The new tracking & navigation systems provide greater resilience for our Winter Service because they allow drivers to be deployed on routes they may be unfamiliar with.
  • The yellow grit bins on the highway network have been inspected and refilled.

Keyworth Parish Council office closure

Keyworth Parish Council office will be closed to visitors until further notice.
Staff are working from home and will continue to provide normal service as far as possible.
We can be contacted by letter, telephone and email.
The office will be checked daily (except Tuesday) for phone messages and post,
and we are responding to emails as normal.
Thank you.

New government guidance – 'Rule of 6'

The government announced that from Monday 14 September it will be illegal for people to meet indoors or outdoors in groups larger than 6, other than for certain exempt activities.

According to the information published on 9th and 14th September – see the links below – it appears that certain types of exercise and education are allowed to continue in groups larger than 6 as long as everyone follows social distancing guidelines.

Please note, we cannot interpret this for you, nor can we or should we 'police' the activities that your group does. Therefore, please would you check the information in the link below to decide for yourself whether your activity is allowable under these guidelines.

Please also note that if your activity is not allowed, and you do meet in a group larger than 6, you would actually be breaking the law.

Keyworth Goes Green

PARENTS... do you know where your children and teens are or what they are doing?

We are suffering high levels of unsociable behaviour and criminal damage
to equipment and facilities on the Rectory field.

Gangs of what appear to be 10 to 14 year olds have been seen
to be carrying out such acts in the afternoon and evenings.

The replacement and repair of such articles costs the Parish council money;
this money comes from your council tax!

Please ensure you know what your children are doing and help up us stamp out this needless damage and thus save everyone money and inconvenience.

Thank you.

Picture postcards of VE Day commemorations in Keyworth

Keyworth Community Fund has published a couple of picture postcards of VE Day commemorations in Keyworth, with all proceeds going to the Keyworth Community Fund. They're available at Storey's in the Square, or from tables set up outside 15 Debdale Lane or on Normanton Lane.

They cost 50p each or £4 for a pack of ten

Keyworth Community Project facebook page can be found at

Council meetings are suspended to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) but will resume by video conferencing during May 2020

We aim to get a normal schedule of meetings up and running in the next few weeks.

If a meeting is to go ahead by video conference, the meeting agenda will be published in the normal way on the 'Council Information' section of the website, under 'Agendas and Minutes'.

All meetings held by video conference will be open to the public.

To attend a parish council meeting video conference, please see the agenda for the link to the video conference and audio conference telephone number.

Please also see the document below - Videoconference Guest Joining Instructions.

Reach Rushcliffe Fund Information Sheet

The Reach Rushcliffe Fund has been provided by Rushcliffe Borough Council to support local initiatives that aim to tackle loneliness and social isolation.

Keyworth Parish Council has donated the use of its facilities for the production of face shields for the NHS and key workers

Claire Giles contacted Keyworth Parish Council in a desperate need for more space so we have kindly donated the use our facilities for the production of face shields for the NHS and key workers. The project is run entirely on donations; to support Claire and her team, visit her facebook page at:

Nottingham Face Shields NHS and Key workers

We are currently creating about 150 of masks a day for frontline NHS staff in Nottingham and other key workers, but we have orders well over 300 a day! With your help we can close this gap and order the vital materials we need to keep the masks flowing.

We are a group of around 20 people on a mission to 3D print our way out of this pandemic! We are creating face shields for key workers in Nottingham and need to keep people safe and keep people working!

Every penny donated goes directly to fixing the PPE shortage locally, care homes, GP's, NHS and others near you!

If you have never heard about 3D printing - here is an article to find out more:

The safety of our key workers is super important to us, and with a shortage of masks and eye protectors, these 3D printed full face shields are ideal as they protect the whole face and are comfortable to wear. They can also be sterilised between shifts.

If you know anyone with a 3D printer they are not currently using please put them in touch - we would love hear from you.

Our facebook page is:

Burning waste in your garden?
Reduce air pollution and store it safely instead.

Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback

Nearly three quarters of a million trees are winging their way across the UK as part of the Woodland Trust's Big Climate Fightback. In addition, over 5,000 free trees will be distributed to householders and parishes across Rushcliffe in the coming weeks after thousands responded to Rushcliffe Borough Council's environmental campaign.

KPC has secured around 100 saplings to distribute throughout the parish. There is a mix of woodland varieties including Field Maple, Silver Birch, Grey Willow, Pedunculate Oak, Wild Cherry and Rowan. If you would like to join this initiative for more trees please contact:

Village Hall for hire

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