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Clerk: Michelle Law
Village Hall, Elm Avenue
Keyworth, Nottinghamshire
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(November 2015)

Burial Ground - thank you

The Parish Council wishes to extend its grateful thanks to the many people who responded so readily to its request (click here for details) to remove items from the Burial Ground. The regulations are in place to maintain it as a highly regarded lawned cemetery.

Unfortunately, there are still some graves and cremation plaques which don't conform and it is unfair to those who respect the rules for them to remain in breach of the regulations; the simple principle is that all items must be contained within the area of the cremation plaque or the plinth of the headstone. We are now in the process of ensuring that every plot complies with the regulations, and will remove any articles which do not.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation in keeping the Burial Ground a pleasant and respectful resting place for our loved ones.

Tony Grice, Council Chairman