The allotments, officially known to the Charity Commission as "Keyworth Poors Land", are situated at the junction of Selby Lane and Willow Brook, and their establishment can be traced back to over two centuries to 1798.

There are five trustees (two of whom are appointed by the Parish Council), who manage and direct the funds from 102 plots and the interest from the capital. Usually, at Christmas, this income is distributed by the Trustees to deserving groups and individuals of the Parish and the Trustees are always pleased to learn of residents within Keyworth who may be considered to be suitable beneficiaries.

Plots of approximately 150 square yards are usually available for a reasonable annual rent with concessions for senior citizens.

At the present time all the plots are under cultivation and therefore in good condition. We normally have a short waiting list and it is not unusual for several plots to change hands during the course of the year.

For further information, please contact the Manager, Tony Axford: telephone 0115 9373277.

Updated 28.1.16