Cllr Martin Valentine

I moved to Keyworth in 2009, and I love it here - the village has so much to offer.

I joined the Parish Council in May 2015 along with my four colleagues in the Activity Park Champions Group. As the name suggests, we are committed to getting the activity park built at the earliest opportunity.

Like all my fellow Councillors, we're here to represent the people of Keyworth as best we can. Our powers are somewhat limited - but the Council is responsible for a number of things that contribute a great deal to our collective quality of life.

The activity park was among the top ideas identified by local people during the extensive consultation by the Village Plan Group a few years ago. As has happened in many other places across the country, when facilities like this are built, they help to give young people something to do and somewhere to meet - in a controlled, organised and manageable way.

I'm a housebuilder by trade - building homes that cost almost nothing to heat - after working for Nottingham City Homes for many years. I've seen up close the positive impact an organisation can have when it is committed to investing in and improving communities.

I also own a recording studio, which has seen many local bands over the last ten years - some of whom have gone on to become pretty successful.

If I can help, get in touch: or 07970 191163