Cllr Tony Grice

I am married with two adult daughters. I have lived in Keyworth since 2003, but I have always lived south of the river and moving to Keyworth was the best move that we have ever made. My working life was spent as a Nottinghamshire Police Officer, but I am now retired.

I have been a member of Keyworth Parish Council since 2005 and chairman since May 2009. As chairman, I have had to lead the Council through the difficult problem of the war memorial and the decision to build a new one, also the question of the activity park. I have had to liaise with all the sports facilities when the KPFA lease ceased to exist and the Parish Council took over responsibility, as a result of which the Tennis Club and Table Tennis Club have signed leases and become responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities they use; it is hoped that very shortly the Bowls Club will also follow suit, thus saving money for the council tax payers of Keyworth. I regularly meet with the local police to discuss any problems within the village.

I try my best to help residents who come to me with concerns, but I do not believe in promising something when I know something cannot be done; it is wrong to give people unrealistic expectations.

I take a great interest in all aspects of Parish Council business and do my best to represent the interests of Keyworth and its residents. I believe Keyworth faces challenges in the future which we must all work together and solve; however, I also believe Keyworth is a safe and great place to live in the midst of beautiful countryside.

Telephone: 0115 8460371 (not before 8.00am or after 9.30pm, please)