Keyworth Parish Council

Serving the village of Keyworth


Clerk: Michelle Law
Village Hall, Elm Avenue
Keyworth, Nottinghamshire
NG12 5AN

Tel: 0115 937 2185

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Shops and Retail

Policy SR1 Active Retail Frontages This policy sets the extent of the retail areas within Keyworth by defining the frontages – or shop fronts. It makes sure that new and existing shopping uses are the focus for new retail development and that these areas benefit from inward investment and retain their vitality. These frontages are shown on the proposals map.

Policy SR2 Public Realm in Retail Areas This policy focuses on making the retail areas more attractive, and viable through delivery of public realm (streets and pavements) improvements. The policy details how schemes that improve parking facilities, accessibility for all users (including the elderly and disabled) and improve shop forecourts will be supported.

Policy SR3 Design of Shop Fronts This policy seeks best practice in new and existing shop fronts by making sure retail units interact well with and make a positive contribution towards the street scene. This is achieved using the set of criteria which should be used to guide the specific design of shop fronts.

Do you agree with the placement of designated Active Retail Frontages and are there any more that you would add?

Do you agree that the main shopping area needs improvement if so what improvements are needed?