Keyworth Parish Council

Serving the village of Keyworth


Clerk: Michelle Law
Village Hall, Elm Avenue
Keyworth, Nottinghamshire
NG12 5AN

Tel: 0115 937 2185

Planning: How is the Parish Council involved?

The Parish Council is consulted on all planning applications for Keyworth.

These come mainly from Rushcliffe Borough Council, but occasionally from Nottinghamshire County Council.

The Parish Council does not have powers to accept or reject applications, but its views are considered when the application is determined by the relevant authority.

What about the residents?

Residents are welcome to attend Planning committee meetings which usually take place on Mondays at 7.30pm in the Feignies Room at the Village Hall; For the calendar of meetings. Interested parties will be given time to address the committee in support of or objection to a planning application. Written comments received by the Planning committee in advance of a meeting are also helpful.

The chairman of the Planning committee, Cllr Tony Wells, is happy to discuss any matters in relation to planning applications. Do remember that you may also contact your Borough Councillors or the Borough Council itself.

To view pending planning applications for Keyworth, You can search the Planning database on the Rushcliffe Borough Council website or arrange to see the plans at the Civic Centre or the Parish Council office; a telephone call in advance is recommended, to ensure that plans will be available for inspection when you call.

Planning Criteria

a) Matters taken into account when dealing with planning applications:

  • how the development fits in with the surroundings
  • design and appearance
  • scale
  • materials
  • access
  • traffic generation / parking
  • use / activitiy to be carried out
  • nuisance eg. noise, fumes etc.
  • infrastructure
  • effect on amenity
  • green belt
  • nature conservation
  • the historic environment (listed buildings and conservation areas)
  • renewable energy
  • flooding
  • protected trees and hedgerows
  • national and local adopted policies

b) Matters which are not relevant:

  • Effect of competition on other individuals
  • Protection of a view
  • Loss of property values
  • Local support or opposition, unless the grounds for this take account of points in (a) above