Cllr Tony Wells

I moved to Keyworth in 2011 to join my partner and to change direction. My working life until then had been mainly spent living in Coventry and working on the shop floor of a West Midlands car manufacturer. I've done a wide variety of engineering jobs and was ultimately the covenor for a three hundred strong manufacturing unit.

I have an empathy for carers and those with learning disabilities. I was the sole carer for a remaining parent for over ten years through the development of Alzheimer's disease. Also, I've managed my own dyslexia throughout my life.

My hobbies are gardening, cooking and cycling. Therefore, I grow it, cook it and then try and exercise it off. Unfortunately, I am better at the first two.

As a newcomer to Keyworth, I want to contribute where I can to the environment in the community that is now my home. I'm a practical, what you see is what you get, type person. I look forward to meeting fellow residents.

Telephone: 9375099; email: Click here to email Tony.