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Clerk: Michelle Law
Village Hall, Elm Avenue
Keyworth, Nottinghamshire
NG12 5AN

Tel: 0115 937 2185


The Keyworth & District Twinning Association (KANDTA) exists to foster and promote close ties with the residents and community of FEIGNIES.

This is a small town (pop. c. 7,500) in the Nord department of Northern France, close to the Belgian border, about 50 miles SE of Lille and 10 miles S of Mons. It lies in gently rolling countryside on the edge of the Avesnes region; an area of arable and mixed farming land, proud of its local cheese and beer. Nearby historical sites include Roman excavations at Bavay, the battlefield of Malplaquet and WWI fortifications. Its main industries are ceramics, bread-making and a Renault assembly plant on the outskirts. Over the period of the twinning a number of developments in Feignies have occurred, e.g. green areas, a new town centre and a large sports complex.

Twinning has developed through continual visits to, and joint social events in, each town; naming of sites after the twin town (e.g. rue de Keyworth, Feignies Court); exchange of major gifts (e.g. fountain and street lamp in Keyworth, memorial gates and oak trees in Feignies).

KANDTA encourages exchanges between local organisations and over the years almost every possible type of exchange has occurred e.g. families, schoolchildren, sporting organisations, Scouts, choirs and the Royal British Legion. The official exchanges centre around the annual, but alternating, visit each April of a contingent from Keyworth to Feignies, or vice versa, by coach and private cars, where a greatly enjoyable time is had by all.

Regular social events & outings are organised for our members, in addition to the stand each July at the Keyworth Show. The quarterly newsletter ' La Jumelle' is delivered to member households.

Presently the Membership Fee is £5/adult, schoolchildren free.

KANDTA Committee 2011-2012


Andy Baines - 0115 9375547 or 07552 492286


Yann Vouloir - 0115 9372860


Tony Fowler - 0115 9373980

Memberships Secretary

Maureen Logan - 0115 9147739 or 07950 000049

Committee Members

Linda Abbey - 0115 9373763

Debbie Boote - 0115 9374644


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